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One great advantage of a verandah is that it is flexible in terms of design, and this is thanks to the various styles and materials that can be utilised. Certainly,  you can just add a verandah to any property, from the most classic through to the most contemporary.  It also has materials such as Colorbond, zincalume, polycarbonate, roofing, tiles, glass, and many more. You can also choose from these styles:

  • bull nose
  • flat roof
  • gable roof
  • hipped roof
  • curved roofs
  • combination of roof

Improving Value of the Home

Owning a verandah can unquestionably improve the value of your home by a great percent. Moreover, since it gives your house a made look, a well-installed and constructed verandah can also be used as another space or room in your home.

Protection Against Outdoor Elements

Verandahs assist in providing shade to your home in hot months and offer protection from the cold in winter. This allows you to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The moment that your home isn’t like a hot oven, you would not be needing air-conditioning 24/7, and this will save you money a lot. This will enable you to save on your electric bill, but a verandah also aids to lessen your carbon footprint.