Rich timber wood for decking

Timber is one of the most highly chosen materials in decking. It is a crowd favourite for its durability and is finished to the tone of your selection. Our professionals at Mornington Peninsula Decking Co are there to assist you to choose the right material among softwood, hardwood, or treated pine.

Softwood Timber

  • Cheap Option – softwood timber is grown from trees that are grown from the evergreens and pine trees;
  • Easy to Handle – such does not require much to handle
  • Long-Lasting – softwood is better if it is heat-treated

To make sure that our clients get to fully benefit from our deck installations without any troubles, we offer a 15-year warranty for potential and future damages from fungus or insects that bore on wood. At Mornington Peninsula Decking Co, we put value to our clients’ money, giving them more than what they invested in.

Hardwood Timber

  • Comes in Different Tones – different tones enable hardwood to be used for classic designs or contemporary designs.
  • Stands Against Decay – this is thanks to the fact that its core is thicker and has a stronger exterior.
  • Beautiful as It Gets Old – hardwood becomes more appealing due to the progress of time.

Usually, hardwood is more expensive than other timber wood materials since they are really durable, but such are less costly to maintain. Here at Mornington Peninsula Decking Co, our goal is to utilize sources that are environmentally sustainable at reasonable prices.

Treated Pine

  • Various Stains – treated pine can be stained in varying colors making it easily adaptable to your decking concept or design.
  • Friendly to The Pockets – Pine doesn’t cost as much as hardwood, and it is actually way cheaper than softwood;
  • Hassle-Free Installation – because it is lightweight, installation is a breeze. It can even be used for DIY projects.

Treated pine is one of the most commonly used materials at home since it is versatile and cheap. Our experts at Mornington Peninsula Decking Co will assist you in selecting the right tones and processes for treated pines.