Peninsula Pergola design

Pergolas are beautiful on their own, but they can also offer and extend support to other amazing landscaping components like flowers, vines, and the like. Having these flowers and vines planted in the right place will make them crawl up to the pergola.

Even if they look somewhat incomplete, pergolas offer some great shade. The size of the beams and their spacing will assess exactly how much shade is offered. There exist advantages and disadvantages to this. Even if you aren’t having a full shade, you can still see the sky and glare at the stars.

Pergola Styles

Pergolas coming from most producers are highly customizable, so your size and shape styles are endless. The following are some of the basic styles:
✓   Freestanding Pergola
A freestanding pergola, as its name suggests, can stand alone as a landscape component apart from your home. This is great for your garden, beside the pool, or to create an outdoor space far from the house.
✓    Attached Pergola

This one has an attached pergola, with one side attached securely to a wall of your home. You can use this style if you desire to cover a space attached to your house, like a patio or deck. This enables an outdoor living space to feel like an extension of an indoor room than a separate feature.

✓    Arched Pergola
A lot of pergolas come with a flat roof, but you can find other designs with arched tops. An arched pergola can look more intimate and invite warmth than a flat one, giving your space a more classic and unique appearance.
✓    Louvered Pergola
Rather than traditional slats, a louvered pergola has changeable louvers as rafters, and this allows you to open and close the louvers to let in more or less sun as required.